The Process

We provide an at-home solution to unlock your biological code and uncover which foods may be triggering your immune system. It's simple:

1. Order Test Kit

2. Send Specimen to our Clinical Lab

3. Receive Results within 7-10 Business Days

The Science Behind Food Sensitivity

Food plays a pivotal role in our health. After all, food is not only fuel for our bodies and mind, but it is also the first line of medicine we take every day, multiple times a day. Unfortunately, when poor food choices are coupled with poor lifestyle behaviors, it is the perfect recipe for poor health and disease. At the center of all this is our immune system as it tries to bring the body to a state of healthy balance.
However as we continue to ingest incompatible foods, an unnecessary activation of the immune system can occur and our cells interact with specific antibodies against the offending foods, the same way they would against a virus or bacteria. In some cases this can cause an allergic reaction and the effects are felt immediately. However, in most cases this can cause a Food Sensitivity and its effects are usually milder, and not recognized immediately. As the immune system continues to be activated by these incompatible foods it makes antibodies specific to those offending foods, creating a biological antibody code within your body.
Biotrinetix Food Sensitivity Test pinpoints and identifies the foods that trigger your immune system by measuring the antibodies that your cells may release against particular foods. We currently screen against 90 of the most commonly eaten foods in the American Diet.

Food Allergy VS Food Sensitivity

Our test is a Food Sensitivity Test, not an Allergy Test. When most people think of food-related reactions with our body, they think of allergic conditions were the person affected develops hives, itching, or on serious cases it can lead to anaphylactic shock or even death. These kind of allergic reactions normally happen within minutes or seconds and can be very severe and obviously visible. An allergy is a type of reaction by the immune system that is associated with a class of antibodies known as IgE antibodies. On the other hand the body also reacts to foods in a different but often overlooked way.

Food Sensitivities can develop due to over exposure of certain foods coupled with imbalances in the gut due to several factors but not limited to poor diet choices, stress, chronic disease, antibiotics, etc. As the immune system fights to bring balance to the digestive system it encounters undigested food particles and creates antibodies against these foods, much like when it encounters bacteria and viruses. This class of antibodies is known as IgG antibodies. Our Food Sensitivity Test is able to recognize these antibodies and provide you with a comprehensive guide on which foods are potentially causing you the most inflammation.

Live and FEEL BEST Through Foods

Oftentimes we consume foods that we believe are "healthy" due to their nutritional value, but just as often our immune systems may not properly process those foods. For example, you may be eating a vegetable such as spinach, kale, broccoli, or quinoa, and one or any of those may very well be activating your immune system. The same can be said about beef, chicken, and seafood.
Everyone’s immune reactions are different, so what may be good for you, may not be good for someone else, and vice versa.
Some foods may be very beneficial on a nutritional level, but our immune systems may not properly process those foods, and see them as a foreign invader to the body.
Food Sensitivity Testing by Biotrinetix provides a way to accurately identify foods that may be unnecessarily activating your immune system, through an at-home solution.

Biotrinetix Food Sensitivity Test includes the following 90 Foods

Coffee Pear
Asparagus Corn Pinapple
Avocado Cow Milk
Baker's Yeast Cucumber
Banana Egg White
Barley Egg Yolk
Basil Eggplant
Beef Garlic
Beet Ginger
Bell Pepper Gluten
Blueberry Goat Cheese
Brewer's Yeast Goat Milk
Broccoli Grape
Button Mushroom Green Beans
Cabbage Green Pea
Sweet Potato
Candida Albicans Kale
Cane Sugar Kidney Bean
Canola Lemon
Carrot Lentil
Casein Lettuce
Cashew Malt
Cauliflower Lime
Celery Malt
Cherry Mustard Seed Vanilla
Chicken Oat Watermelon
Chickpea Olive Wheat
Chilli Pepper Onion Whey
Cinnamon Orange
Cocoa Peach Zuchini